Commissioning of Mzee Wanyama
October 15, 2020

For two days, team NAWASSCO was able to camp at Kanu Street, Heshima market, Railways grounds, Oginga Odinga Road and Check point stage. During the open days, NAWASSCO social media pages; twitter and face book carried the hashtag #improving services. According to the oxford dictionary, delight is the fact or condition of being delighted, pleasure, joy or gratification felt in a high degree or to give pleasure or enjoyment and to please highly. In an aim to improve services and under the theme: “Delighting customers through quality service deliver”, team NAWASSCO went ‘mashinani’ (grassroots) to meet customers and hear from them. NAWASSCO therefore set two days apart to please and or gratify the customers.

During the open day, customers were able to air out their issues concerning water and sanitation services. The presence of team NAWASSCO’s customer care and technical staff was of great assurance to many customers as they were able to get the required information from the relevant staff. The major enquiries made during the open days included: shortage of water, problems in billing because of erroneous meter readings, pre-paid meter technology – when using the token, the water keeps drawing even after the token has been removed. The customers were not shy with their comments; “good work, trying, excellent, great work, progressive – (“well, this is progress”), good reception, bravo, keep improving, a lot of improvement noted, services are good, welcoming and efficient, the day was successful and God bless NAWASSCO”. Service delivery is dynamic and it takes a whole team working in harmony to ensure that everything goes at it’s supposed to.

Team NAWASSCO is comprised of competent, trained and skilled professionals who work towards making the delighting the customers through quality service delivery. “When it comes to service delivery, we must ensure that we raise the bar on a daily basis, in order to work as a well-oiled machine we ensure that programs that increase service delivery continue as scheduled, for example – ensuring customers get their water as per our water rationing program where they apply”, the Managing Director, James Gachathi said.

He also emphasized that the company is trying it’s best to ensure that the customers are well communicated to especially during water shortage episodes. Team NAWASSCO interacts with the customers to gain and retain them, to attract and keep a loyal base of the customers. The Commercial Manager, James Gathairu said that, “We hold open days with an emphasis of enhancing and improving customer relations. We also ensure that we have other activities such as public hearings and zonal meetings that enable customers to air their views and get solutions to their water and sanitation services problems.” He also reiterated the MD’s sentiments of the customer being important to the company.

The customer care staffs have also been deployed to the five zones and they continue to receive on job training. Team NAWASSCO understands the importance of team work, just like the well-oiled machine, all departments work together to towards quality service delivery.

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