What are the requirements for connecting to a sewer line?
The customer must have a water account (paid up to date) to be able to connect to our sewer network and be near an existing sewer line.

What is your main source of water?
Ground water {Boreholes} Surface water {River Malewa and River Mereroni}

Do you have a toll free line?
Yes; our toll free line is 0800-720036

What are your reconnection charges?
A fee of Ksh500 and double deposit up to a maximum of 2.5 times will be required to be paid before reconnection
How do I pay my bill via M-Pesa?
For procedure on how to pay your bill via M-Pesa, Click here.

How do I check my bill via Sms?
On your phone go to a New Message, type BAL Account No i.e. BAL 47004920

What is a prepaid meter?
It is a meter that uses a token to withdraw water and the token has to be loaded with credit before use. Therefore you pay for water before consumption and you can load as little as Kshs 50/-.>

What is the procedure for opening a new account?
Download the water supply application form from our website, fill it and attach copies of PIN Certificate, ID and Title Deed or Sale agreement

How do you calculate the sewer charges?
For domestic customers sewer is 75% of the water charge and commercial customers 100% of the water charge.