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March 23, 2017


Up- scaling of basic sanitation for the urban poor involves improving the living conditions of the urban poor in Kenya
March 23, 2017


NCSP aims to help improve sanitation in the Low Income Areas of Nakuru Town by implementing a financially viable sanitation value chain

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Before the briquettes find their way into Nakuru’s poor households, they undergo processes to ensure they are free from harmful pathogens that could cause diseases, and are safe to use.

Human waste - the main raw material for the briquettes - is collected from pit latrines and septic tanks around Nakuru by truck and transported to a waste water treatment plant run by the Nakuru Water and Sanitation Services Company (NAWASSCO), where the manufacturing takes place.

If more water companies team up with social enterprises and other businesses, as well as the government and development groups, on the activity, “it may generate income for jobless youths in the country while providing clean and affordable sources of fuel for large populations.

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Nakuru Water and Sanitation Services Company (Nawasco) has embarked on a project that turns waste into affordable and sustainable energy.

The company is making briquettes — a block of compressed charcoal or coal dust used as fuel — from human waste.Nawassco taps the waste from the sewerage system, which accounts for only 27 per cent of Nakuru’s sludge.

The project is helping to reduce pollution related to dirty fuels such as petrol and conventional charcoal.

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NAWASSCO held the annual open day at the Standard Chartered grounds opposite Huduma Center, Kenyatta Avenue. The open day’s theme was; “Making every customer experience better”. During the two day activity, the company staff were able to interact with customers and deal with various complaints.

Customers who visited the stand were able to share their views of the company through a short customer satisfaction survey. The survey captured: how helpful the customer service representatives were, things that could be changed about our services, favourite aspects of our services, promptness and efficiency in responding to requests/complaints. The survey will enable the company to come up with strategies that will improve customer service.

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