Sewer Services

Our Domestic (Sewage) and Industrial Waste Water Treatment Systems are designed with the standard of maximum efficiency, minimum energy and cost. We are experts in waste water treatment.

NAWASSCO has two sewerage treatment plants namely;
  • Njoro Sewerage Treatment Plant.
  • Old Town Sewerage Treatment Plant.
Njoro Plant has a loading capacity of 9,600m³ per day; the plant utilizes 45% of the load.
The Old Town Plant has a loading capacity of 6,600m³: This also has 50% utilization. The sewer system serves 27% of the customers. Our sewer network extends 200km with the coverage in Nakuru Town East and West.

Trash it, don't block it

Everything that gets flushed down the toilet or poured down the kitchen sink, eventually meets up in the sewage pipes under your home. That's why you should only put the three Ps down the drain, Pee, Poo and Toilet Paper. Anything else will block your pipes and could cause it to come back up into your home.