Service Area

NAWASSCO provides water and sanitation services primarily within the jurisdiction of the Nakuru Town East and West Sub Counties and its environs that includes Olbanita Corridor.

The total target service area is

(270 km² - municipality service area and 50 km² - peri–urban areas).

The current water supply system however only serves an estimated 250 km².

The geographical areas covered by the water supply network includes;

Lanet | Free area | Naka Estate | Mwariki East farm near the Pipeline Oil Corporation tanks | Mzee Wanyama | Nakuru Blankets up to Shah Lalji Academy on | Maasai Avenue up to Mwariki south estate | Langalanga | Racetrack | Freehold estates | Central Business District | Industrial Area | Shaabab Estate | Koinange Estate | Kaptembwa | Barut,Rhonda Estates | Milimani, Section 58 | Donsonville Estate | Menengai Estate | Japanese Flats | Spin Knit Surroundings | Engashura area | London | Olbanita Corridor | Mountain View