Anti-Corruption and Misconduct Policy

Anti-Corruption and Misconduct Policy

NAWASSCO recognises the crucial role of effective service delivery in achieving its mandate, objectives and obligations to its customers. To be able to discharge this role effectively and efficiently, the company continues to cleanse itself of corruption, wastefulness, negligence and inefficiency at all levels.
In this regard, we encourage our customers to report complaints of misconduct.

The complaint process is used as a means of filing a complaint concerning the conduct of NAWASSCO employees (Misconduct includes sexual harassment and corruption)

It is the Policy NAWASSCO to promptly investigate allegations of misconduct or wrongdoing by NAWASSCO staff members and to take appropriate action as to discipline, policy change, or exonerate.
A complaint means that someone is dissatisfied with our performance. If we are doing something wrong, the complaint will help the organization recognize and correct deficiencies in our service to the public.

Report complaint in the form provided on the right

The information provided will be treated with utmost confidentiality.

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